About Us is the ultimate guide for students around the globe wishing to study in London. The portal provides information on all areas international or British students need to be familiar with prior to coming to study in London. Some of the major areas covered include learning about the British educational system and how it works, being able to choose a desired type of a school, and easily acquiring all relevant information on that school as well as on other important aspects of living in London. enables students to book and buy courses directly through the website through our unique “book 'n' buy“ feature while saving a great deal of money on tuition fees, accommodation and other services they might need while in London.

Apart from getting enrolled into courses, students also have the option of searching and booking accommodation and insurance to make their stay worry free.

The portal will gradually offer many other fantastic features as we seek to fulfill our mission in aiding schools and students in acquiring information, increasing enrolments, and finding an absolute perfect fit!´s goal is to be the indispensable resource of all involved in the London study scene!