Why London

Video created and permission kindly provided by London & Partners.

London is a world class, beautiful, historic, English-speaking center that’s rivaled by few places as an ideal place to immerse one’s self in the study of English. Here is a list of some specific attractions:

  • an impressive selection of both modern and historic architecture
  • great pubs and restaurants
  • world class museums, galleries, sports and music venues
  • many festivals and events

London is a student-friendly city in which many attractions are available to students for free or at reduced rates, including many of the museums and galleries, tours, some concerts and a variety of other fun activities.

  • learn about history and culture at the National History Museum, Museum of London and Museum of Childhood
  • see the wonders of scientific achievement at the city’s Science Museum
  • get close and personal with the many animals at London Wetland Centre, London Aquarium and London Zoo
  • enjoy a ride at one of several amusement parks
London Underground Station

London is also a major shopping capital, offering:

  • many popular department stores
  • an assortment of street markets
  • numerous stylish boutiques

London is a city teeming with exciting nightlife, which includes:

  • the bustling West End
  • musicals, theatre, ballet and opera
  • all sorts of live music
  • many popular dance clubs

And, last but not least, London is an exceptionally green city with 1,800 parks, commons and garden spaces, making it a city with many spots for getting away right within the city borders.

So, come to London. There are countless great reasons to be here and it is unequivocally one of the very best places to be to study the English language –c’mon! It’s London! We hope to see you here soon!